Hurricanes and Jesus

September 9, 2017

There are SO MANY storms happening right now in the world, literally. Hurricane Irma is pounding the islands and about to hit Florida later today, and we are dealing with the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, plus a third one has formed in the gulf – Hurricane Jose. There are massive wildfires in Montana and LA and mudslides in Sierra Leone, … And not to mention the “storms “ of our society due to politics and civil and societal and religious divide. This is reality folks, life is going to be stormy! We are going to have turbulence and swirling winds and when all of that is happening our hearts are going to long to be in the CALM. Our souls are going to seek shelter for ourselves and others. Our minds are going to yearn for a quiet peace. The good news is that we can find all of those things in Jesus Christ.

God is the CALM, especially in the middle of the storm. No matter what we endure in life and on this journey … we are told to fix our eyes on Jesus. Look to Him. He is the light and the lamp to our feet on this path (Psalm 119:105). He never lost sight of where He was going and he doesn’t want us to either. He led the way to heaven, to God, and he wants us to follow him there. It won’t always be easy but He is with us always, encouraging us to NEVER GIVE UP and lighting the way. He will guide us through all of our days, through all of the storms. I encourage you today to just look to Him. Take a glance in his direction even as the winds rage around you and notice how just that glance provides perspective and a literal physical release of tension. He promises to never leave you. And He keeps all of His promises. So I encourage you to be CALM in these storms. Open your eyes and look for the light in all that you do because no matter what the light always wins and beats darkness. God is light and love and peace! Amen

Photo: I took this picture this morning during my quiet time with Jesus. I JustLove it!

My view this morning during my quiet time with Jesus

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