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So as you notice today is not actually December 7th 2015 but that is when I wrote my first thoughts down with ideas and dreams of maybe one day having a JUST LOVE blog ... so today I was inspired by another devotion/blog I get in my emails from Holley Gerth, Coffee For Your Heart. Here goes ... I honestly have no clue as to how often I will post BUT my prayer is that each post will mean something, to someone :)

First blog entry: Monday, December 7, 2015

So as I was on the treadmill today, walking briskly I might add, I was thinking about exercise and working out my “heart” and keeping in cardio shape so I can be fit for life. I typically get a headache around the 9-10 minute mark but I push through it and then I really do enjoy my workout. I guess you could say I get that “runners high” (I’m no major runner but I do jog and it gets my heart rate up and I actually sweat and it feels good) … so then I felt God telling me this is the same when it comes to working out my heart for Him. He wants us to exercise our heart for Him too. What does this mean? I believe it includes spending time with God and reading His word and praying and filling up my heart with His words and messages of joy, happiness, peace, grace, mercy and love! And sometimes in my daily plans to carve out time for God, it is hard and sometimes I have to push through but when I do, I really enjoy my workout with God and I ALWAYS feel good afterward just like when I work out on the treadmill. So my hope and prayer for us all is to stay fit for life … physically and spiritually!


Lori :)

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